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My use for livejournal?


Because it's so much better to waste the space of this site on unfinished work, rather than the space of my precious gallery. Unlike some other people on the art sites I'm a part of, I consider my gallery a sacred place that should not be cluttered by every little pice of crap I put on paper.

Now, I'm still racking my brain deciding on a decent background. I've been playing around with this odd structure, but really as a means to avoid doing something realistic. I can probably make it look good, but I still know that I NEED to improve my skills when making backgrounds. The background is essential and strengthens the main part of the image if done right. While it can be a great visual aid, it can also be very damaging, so I need to get it right.

Bard is starting to come together. Got to finish his outfit once I get the lighting completely figured out.

The tragic truth about Barzonas work.

You see, it is my precious linework that suffers the most in the coloring process.

I don't really know an effective way to actually use the original linework, so I have to recreate it using the brush. Doing things that way makes my lines look rather flat and boring. I can't mimic the life that I'm able to put into my lines the way I can with a pencil. It's a tragedy. T.T
I can't go on like this...I really need to save up for a tablet. For the sake of humanity and my art. `~`
I'm currently in the middle of a request. The request was for Bowser and this dudes fursona to be making out. the subject was bondage..I'm loving Bowsers fabbo-bondage look, but the guys character (currently on a hidden layer) is driving me nuts.

Mostly I'm having problems with back muscles. Never really had to work with them before, but I'm sure i'll get it.



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